It’s OK to Ask for Help

Real life doesn’t get any more real than some of the experiences Concerned About Teen Success members use to make the point and connect with you.

Getting Help

We all go through times as teenagers when we need to get help and not give up.

Let me ask you a big question. Have you been through something you thought you would never get through?

I have.

My family’s home burned down.

When things happen in your life, you might go through some sort of depression. You might be sad, and just want to give up. But don’t give up. GIVING UP IS NOT THE ANSWER!

GETTING HELP IS NOT A BAD IDEA. Even if you feel like you don’t need help, sometimes you do. I know through my house fire that help from people I trusted and loved really helped me get past it. Don’t think if you get help, that you are weak.

It takes a strong person to admit they have a problem, and want to get help! So never be ashamed if you need some help in your life, and in anything you are going through. You never have to go through it alone.

Now, through hard work and lots of love, we are building our dream home!

So what was my main point in all of this??

No matter what you go through, you don’t have to be alone, and you don’t have to struggle in something and feel like no one knows how you feel. There are people who are there for you and want to listen to you. And no matter what you go through, there will always be a way to fix it.

  1. Say that you need some help.
  2. Get someone to talk to about it.
  3. Move on, and be happy.

Thank you for thinking about what I’ve learned.