Teens similar to you have chosen abstinence and written about their choice through poetry. Enjoy these powerful poems that share real emotional insights about saving sex for marriage.

“Lifetime of Pain”

At one point in time,
it was set in my mind
That I’d one day find,
that Prince Charming of mine!
He would be, the man on the court
Excelling in sports,
Witty and tall
In high school, I found out
What most boys were about
And though sex was their game
I choose to abstain!
If you’ve had sex before
It’s not too late to regain
Because one night of pleasure
Is not worth a lifetime of pain

“When the Odds are Against You”

When all is lost and hope has fled
When fear is strong and strength is dead
When love and joy abandon you
When mental anguish grows in you

When the last of efforts fail to save
When your fate is ill, your mind enslaved
And when your head hangs low in misery
This is when you’ll find the key

A single ember from deep within
Burns hotter and hotter, as flames begin
The fire of truth will light the way
And help you fight, this lonely day

The battle is long, the struggle is rough
Never regret not giving enough
For when we offer our very best.
Our very soul is put to the test.

Stand tall and true and you’ll prevail
Just hold on tight and never bail
You will survive if you don’t quit
Victory is there, if you reach for it

One day in the future, you will look to the past.
And know you had what it takes to last
So never give up and good things will come.
Not just honor and pride, but a job well done.

“Forever Never Lasts”

You say you’re together forever, but forever never lasts.
You end up movin on, and the things you used to say was just a thing in the past.

Love is a strong word, so don’t use it if you truly don’t mean it.
Sometimes the more you say, “I love you,” the relationship will most likely end quick.

People make themselves believe they know what they’re talking about, but they don’t.
They act like they would make any sacrifice, but deep down inside they won’t.

Some aren’t meant to be.
They don’t understand that, it’s so hard to recognize and see.

I learned some relationships are life lessons.
You think that little angel is some kind of perfect blessin; no one’s perfect, so ask if she has any confessions.

Someone real wouldn’t go behind your back, but they don’t care about that they just worried about where all the fun is at.

It’s the 21st century people don’t care about other’s feelings anymore.
For all you know, the person you call your girlfriend can be some kind of sleazy whore.

Be sure you don’t mix love with lust.
You gotta be careful who you spill your feelings for, you must.

You do something wrong, they don’t like, they wanna argue and fight.
But once they do something wrong and crazy, it’s alright.

The more you say you’re going to be together forever, it might not last.
So be careful who you say ‘Love’ to and don’t rush things so fast.

A successful relationship begins with just being friends.

You never know you might begin a relationship, love might expand, learn to be committed and you’ll never end.

I’m not trying to control your life I’m just sayin’.
If you truly feel this message I’m bringin’ to you, think about it…

Sitting, listening to music, thinking about my past made me write Forever Never Lasts.

“Pre-Marital Sex “

Say no to pre-marital sex and peer pressure
You’re actually getting hurt when you think you’re getting pleasure.

One word gets you further than you see
It can prevent herpes, AIDS and other STDs

Say no because STDs are less than what you’re worth
Wouldn’t you rather wait to have sex than in nine months be giving birth?

There’s a safer way to be protected than birth control and condoms
So live an abstinent lifestyle and avoid all those problems.

Saying no keeps you from becoming addicted
So make boundaries, establish them and keep your body restricted.

Say no until you’re a groom or bride
You can look at your partner, friends and parents and still stand with pride.

So once again, speak and you’ll be heard.
No one can say it for you. Use that simple word.

“After the Fact”

Lying here thinking what have I done,
I’m not even sure if this one is the one.

Of course it felt good, for a while,
But the consequence, this I must reconcile.

Was it worth the risk of having a child unprepared,
Forever bound to this person through a single moment shared?

Why did I let physical desire prevail
What I thought was love was just infatuation’s spell?

I could have avoided this risked STD
That may now be dwelling deep inside of me.

Lying here thinking what will I do,
What if the contraceptive did not come through?

But wait have an idea and a 100% chance it will work.
There something I can go to and I won’t feel like a Jerk.

Now I can rejoice, I have another chance
I’ve decided to regain my Abstinence.

I’m not saying a day, a month, or a few years.
I’m saying until on my love’s finger there is a rock so clear.

“Self Esteem”

What is Self Esteem?
Is it something we all redeem? Is it important at all? Or is it a just a flaw?
In fact it is useful, when we’re either bright or dull.
It’s who we are. Self-esteem is us.
Without it, we wouldn’t be
Who we are today.
It’s who we are, day by day
Be happy with, who you are, because one day,
You’re gonna go far!
Trust me, I know it’s hard.
But in the end,
You’ll be a star! I agree to be, not only myself,
But risky behavior free!