“Forever Never Lasts”

You say you’re together forever, but forever never lasts.
You end up movin on, and the things you used to say was just a thing in the past.

Love is a strong word, so don’t use it if you truly don’t mean it.
Sometimes the more you say, “I love you,” the relationship will most likely end quick.

People make themselves believe they know what they’re talking about, but they don’t.
They act like they would make any sacrifice, but deep down inside they won’t.

Some aren’t meant to be.
They don’t understand that, it’s so hard to recognize and see.

I learned some relationships are life lessons.
You think that little angel is some kind of perfect blessin; no one’s perfect, so ask if she has any confessions.

Someone real wouldn’t go behind your back, but they don’t care about that they just worried about where all the fun is at.

It’s the 21st century people don’t care about other’s feelings anymore.
For all you know, the person you call your girlfriend can be some kind of sleazy whore.

Be sure you don’t mix love with lust.
You gotta be careful who you spill your feelings for, you must.

You do something wrong, they don’t like, they wanna argue and fight.
But once they do something wrong and crazy, it’s alright.

The more you say you’re going to be together forever, it might not last.
So be careful who you say ‘Love’ to and don’t rush things so fast.

A successful relationship begins with just being friends.

You never know you might begin a relationship, love might expand, learn to be committed and you’ll never end.

I’m not trying to control your life I’m just sayin’.
If you truly feel this message I’m bringin’ to you, think about it…

Sitting, listening to music, thinking about my past made me write Forever Never Lasts.