Insights from High School Students

Many high school students have chosen to abstain from participating in risky behaviors. Here are quotes from real high school students who are currently choosing abstinence!

Quotes to Live by:

  • “Abstinence is the best choice”
  • “Kids shouldn’t be having sex until after they are married”
  • “You can regain abstinence”
  • “I believe abstinence is a good way to prevent pregnancy and STIs. I feel I am not old enough, physically and emotionally, for a sexual relationship.”
  • “Abstinence is the best way to go”
  • “I’ve always agreed with abstinence, but I love hearing other people who have chosen abstinence because it helps me. A lot of older boys like juniors and seniors are always putting on an act and trying to get me to do sexual things. Hearing other people who have chosen abstinence helps me know I’m doing the right thing with saying no.”
  • “Being abstinent can give you more opportunities, especially during teen and young adult years.”
  • “It is important to make healthy, smart decisions, especially as a teen, to have a successful future.”
  • “Drugs and alcohol are bad for you and are addictive.”
  • “Drugs can harm you in the long run”
  • “My choices about drugs and alcohol can have a big impact on me and on other people.”
  • “I am not going to let people pressure me to do something I don’t want to do.”
  • “Stay assertive and say no when someone offers alcohol or drugs.”
  • “Stay around positive friends.”

Sometimes life has trauma and drama

“If I say Yes”

Boy: Baby let’s talk. Let’s talk about sex. We’ve been together two years so I know you won’t reject. We’re gonna’ get married anyway, so why are we waitin’? Come on, let’s just do this cuz I’m getting impatient. I’ll make your first time special if we do. I swear you won’t regret. Just put ‘ya mind to it. Say yes and we’ll make love forever. Got me waitin’ two years? We shouldn’t be together. But like I said I love you, and if we do it, I’ll love you more. We’re gonna’ die anyway. What’s the point of being pure?

Girl: If you love me, then why can’t we wait? My virginity is the only thing I own next to my name. I know if we do it, things will change. You’ll have what you want and I’ll be wondering why things aren’t the same. Nine minutes of pleasure ain’t worth raising no baby. I guess you thought I was dumb, so you had permission to play me. Stomach with a bump, walk around back bent, just got kicked out the house now I gotta’ pay rent! Maybe I won’t get pregnant, but I’m looking out for myself. All I really want is to be the best, and sex has no part in that look at the pregnancy rates. I don’t want to be a part of that. I love you, but I’m waiting. We’re not married just dating, so put your hormones to the side, because these feelings I won’t hide. But if I say no, I know you’ll go.

Boy: You’re right I will go. Thanks for letting me know. Cuz now that I’m positive I ain’t getting none, our love’s like a bullet, but we don’t have a gun. Our love is pointless, so I gotta’ say goodbye and I know this might hurt, but just let those feelings die. What’s the point of waitin’ if I could be getting some else where. I thought you were it, but sorry you’re not the one. I need a girl that wears tiny skirts, little shirts and does all the dirt. The nasty things that will get me what I want the first night. Not a nasty girl but she’ll please me just right. So why would I stick around waitin’ for you? I can have you and probably another two?!

Girl: I knew you didn’t love me. That’s why we didn’t have sex. I guess I’m supposed to cry but better the truth then living lies. Yea it hurts, but nine months will hurt more. I’d rather my heart be torn to pieces than a baby being born. What about STDs or HIV? I’m sorry, but to me, it’s not worth getting laid. Three years from now we probably not going to be together, you told me you loved me, and our love was forever. But look now, breakin’ up because we can’t have sex. You’re the fool in this one because you were sure I wouldn’t reject. If I would have said yes……